RIS3: National & Regional Innovation Strategy for Greece

These reports summarise the findings of a team of experts in support of the preparation smart specialisation strategies (S3) as a basis for the 2014-20 programming of the Structural Funds. The experts were asked to provide policy advice and methodological recommendations in order to ensure the following seven key points are addressed by the Greek authorities:

  • an appropriate stakeholder involvement and the organisation of the entrepreneurial discovery process of testing possible new areas
  • an identification of areas of current and potential strength
  • that innovation and knowledge-based development priorities are set
  • an identification of the optimum policy mix
  • an outward looking of the strategy and the promotion of critical mass
  • the strategy produces synergies between different policies and funding sources
  • appropriate governance and administrative set-ups and capacities to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the strategies in a coherent multi-level governance system.


RIS3 Greece National Assessment Report
Document label : RIS3-Greece-National-Assessment-Report.pdf
Size : 2 MB
RIS3 review report Attica
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Attica.pdf
Size : 304 kB
RIS3 review report Central Macedonia
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Central-Macedonia.pdf
Size : 209 kB
RIS3 review report Crete
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Crete.pdf
Size : 180 kB
RIS3 review report East-Macedonia-Thrace
Document label : RIS3-review-report-East-Macedonia-Thrace.pdf
Size : 202 kB
RIS3 review report Epirus
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Epirus.pdf
Size : 246 kB
RIS3 review report Ioanian Islands
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Ioanian-Islands.pdf
Size : 444 kB
RIS3 review report North Aegean
Document label : RIS3-review-report-North-Aegean.pdf
Size : 237 kB
RIS3 review report Peloponnese
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Peloponnese.pdf
Size : 205 kB
RIS3 review report South Aegean
Document label : RIS3-review-report-South-Aegean.pdf
Size : 247 kB
RIS3 review report Sterea Ellada
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Sterea-Ellada.pdf
Size : 314 kB
RIS3 review report Thessaly
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Thessaly.pdf
Size : 208 kB
RIS3 review report Western Greece
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Western-Greece.pdf
Size : 426 kB
RIS3 review report Western Macedonia
Document label : RIS3-review-report-Western-Macedonia.pdf
Size : 89 kB


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