The Italy-China Centre for Design and Innovation has been inaugurated in Tianjin

On 19th of July the Italian-Chinese Centre for Design and Innovation (Cidic-TJ) has been inaugurated in Tianjin.

The structure was built as a separate part of the Shanghai Centre established in April 2011 with which it shares the name and the logo. It is an Italian-Chinese exchange platform for design and innovation operating under the supervision of the Chinese Ministry for Science and Technology (Most). It was created by the Tianjin Scientific Committee, in cooperation with China’s national scientific committee. The new platform is meant to operate in the fields of planning and restoration of historical and cultural assets, landscape architecture and bioarchitecture. The centre was established following the signing of a memorandum of understanding by Italy and China in October 2010 which led to the creation of three Italian-Chinese platforms for design and innovation, technological transfer and e-government. The Italian embassy to Beijing also contributed to the initiative coordinating works between institutions from the two countries.

The centre is located in a neighbourhood recently redeveloped with the contribution of Italy architects and restorers which has rapidly become one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Source: www.agi.it