iStreetLight at the “SOLAR MEETS GLASS” International Conference

iStreetLight, one of the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants awardees participated in the “SOLAR MEETS GLASS – 3rd Industry Summit for Markets, Costs and Technology” conference held in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 22 and -23,  2012. This significant event served as a platform for the discussion of current trends in the solar and glass industry, covering themes such as sustainability, energy efficiency and eco-friendly innovation.

Attending this event allowed iStreetLight to meet potential partners and stay up to date with the latest tech achievements in the field, as well as to create a comparative set of parameters for further development of their technology. Through the opportunity to examine related technological advancements and get direct information about present and future industry trends, the company gained valuable insight and discovered several new markets and possible applications for their technology.

The company also benefited from new findings related to solar module recycling and photovoltaic integration, which will allow their project to focus on improved sustainability, cost reduction and technology optimization. Over the past six months of iStreetLight’s project implementation, the company completed stress testing and End2End testing of their pilot installation, while improving on its industrial design and energy harvesting features.

Currently, EU countries have a strategy in place to produce clean energy through the utilization of the photovoltaic model. With the knowledge gained during their training, iStreetLight sees a chance for its project of smart street lamp infrastructure to provide the required additional energy storage capacities to the developing EU smart cities. The company believes that this market will be extremely receptive to iStreetLight’s innovative technology and could allow it to quickly emerge as one of the regional and international leaders.

iStreetLight’s participation in this conference was made possible through the company’s mandatory training within the Mini Grants financing program. Namely, in addition to project financing, the Mini Grants Program offers funding of Awardee-specific training, tailored to the Awardee’s needs. This includes training of the company’s key personnel regarding various issues which entrepreneurs face in early stages of technology development, ranging from matters of IP protection and business development to industry-relevant networking events.

Source: www.innovationfund.rs