Italia degli Innovatori Environment & Energy: target Brazil

In 2010 the Agreement between the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea and the Agency for Innovation was signed, with the aim of promoting innovative technologies in the environment and energy industries.

The Rio+20  Conference for the Ministry represents an opportunity to promote new consumption patterns and new sustainable production processes, involving stakeholders such as companies, professionals, researchers and NGOs in a cooperation game at international level.

On this basis, during the Rio +20 Conference the Italian Minister for  Environment, Land and Sea, Corrado Clini inaugurated the Padiglione Italia, a prime example of “sustainable architecture”.

These are the grounds for realizing in the second half of the year a special edition of Italia degli Innovatori Environment & Energy  in Brazil with a selection of companies capable of conceiving new proposals and developing new cooperation opportunities between Brazil and Italy in the innovative area of sustainable technologies and architectures.

More information on aginnovazione.gov.it.