How important is innovation for developing sustainable fashion?

How important is innovation for developing sustainable fashion? Mr.Stefano Cochis, CEO of Filature Miroglio, said in an a interwie for Bio-Fashion, that “Innovation is key and is asked by the consume. In order to grant to the sustainability a real impact it has to become a real business, not just an exercise in style.
Today, a basic product is no longer enough. Aesthetic and a wide range of products are needed as well. We have combined this with the concept of pipeline. Newlife™ has generated a strong interest from the market and there are many developments presently underway.”

Filature Miroglio invented Newlife™, a technologically innovative platform, certified by a systemic approach to production, offering a wide range of recycled polyester yarns of high quality and performance, derived from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles collected and processed entirely in Italy , starting from the polymer obtained through a mechanical process, not a chemical up to the production of the wire.
The peculiarity lies in the fact that the supply chain is based horizontally on partnership with an Italian certified system which is, therefore, totally traceable.

To read more about Newlife™ and the textile innovation in sustainable fashion: bio-fashion.blogspot.it